“I am pleased to announce that I will make a permanent move to India. After a lot of thinking and discussions with my family, we feel that this is the right decision for me and the best decision for me to follow my dream. At this stage I am currently undergoing the necessary formalities and legalities in proceeding with this and will soon make my move.

For many years I have been involved in Indian football as a player and as a fan. Football in India is without a doubt not where it’s potential suggests with its huge population and passion for sports. I have visited India many times for personal reasons and I have also had the privilege of playing football in India at different levels.

I recall when I was aged 17 and attracted interest from the India National team, This has been to date one of my most proudest moments, for every footballer the ultimate achievement is representing your country and representing your nation.

For those who know me personally, football is everything to me and football in India is something I am extremely passion about and dedicated to. My personal journey of football in India has been going on for many years now and I feel like this was my destiny as I always knew I would return to football in India. Every time I have been in India for football reasons I have had many positive experiences and memories which will last with me forever. The people of India have always been good to me being both welcoming and helpful which makes this decision a little more easier.

I go to India with a dream and a long term ambition which I will look to achieve, I know it will not happen overnight and it definitely will not come without hard work but the people who know me best will tell you I have always worked hard, been committed and dedicated to my football career. Not matter the position I’ve been in, I have always been committed and dedicated to my football career and believed in my ability. With this opportunity, an attractive thing about this opportunity is not only the opportunity on the pitch but also the opportunity off the pitch, the sky is the limit and I am sure this will open the doors to further opportunities for me.

At this present time and the situation surrounding my life I feel like this is the best time for me to make this move and settle down. The road hasn’t been easy for me and I am used to the bumps along the way but I have always been motivated for a challenge and inspired to overcome them. There are a lot of factors which contributed to this decision which is why it is the best time for me. I cannot wait to get stuck in and get going now.

Of course with big decisions there comes sacrifices which I have never been shy of making however, I leave the city of London, I leave my family and my friends. To those who know of this decision and have been involved in it have been highly supportive and encouraging. A huge sacrifice for me is being away with my friends and family, to not waking up to my family and not being able to give my friends a call to meet to hang out or get some food! I will miss my family the most and the thought of being without them is daunting but I guess good things never come easy and nothing in life is delivered on a plate in life, I have to go out there and chase my dreams. I will also leave my family and friends knowing I have a duty and responsibility to prove them right and make them proud. I know there will be times of struggles and barriers but I am a fighter and I am confident in myself to overcome those with my strength, perseverance and resilience.

I would like to thank everybody for the love and support throughout my life. Thank you to my family and friends especially who have stuck by me through thick and thin, for continuing to believe in me when circumstances were somewhat against me. To all my fans and those who have supported me, you all will never know how much it means to me and how much your unconditional support has been the fuel for me to keep doing what I love and remaining in the game. For those who know football, you will know the intense competition and the number of players that do drop out the game. There is definitely a fine line between being in the game and not being in the game, I am proud to still remain in the sport after all these years no matter what it has or life has thrown at me.

I would also like to thank my team around me who are making this move from an idea to actually making it happen. You all know who you are and without you all this wouldn’t be possible. We all know that things will not go to plan straight away, the rules and legislations in India will make this move difficult and there are some factors I will have to overcome being out there. I am sure it will bring a huge challenge especially in the first year. After, I am sure I will be settled and firing towards my goals, ambitions and working towards what I set out to achieve. This is definitely a huge opportunity for me and I will give it my absolute everything to make it as successful as possible and gain the maximum out of it. I am delighted to be able to once again link up with Indian football. The thought of playing football in front of Indian fans again is one that excites me and one that I will definitely relish. I hope to make a good name for myself and I hope to make the nation proud. i will keep you all updated with the move, stay updated via social media and media outlets. I am excited to share the next chapter of my life with you all.

Once again thank you all and I hope to make you all proud!